Nuvus is an innovation center. We have apps which have been used by more than a million users. We think it is just the beginnning and we need you to take us further ahead. The work is exciting and challenging. So we are looking for candidates with strong programming background, creative thinking and problem solving attitude. We do not care about your grades and percentages and certifications. If you believe you are good, it is an opportunity you should check out !
"Nuvus Mobile Development Center"

Whats the deal ?

No matter how many years of experience you have or you are fresh, you will need to be trained. We are working on cutting edge mobile technology and it will take you a few months to be productive. So we would need candidates with an attitude to learn and innovate. Presently we are looking for rockstar iPhone, Android and Web developers

Do I have it in me ?

We are looking for sincere, honest and hardworking individuals. So if you have fake credentials in your resume, it will not help much in moving higher in our company. So please send us a resume with the real details of your projects or programming skills. Please specify your exact role and contributions in the projects you have worked in. You need to have a strong programming background.